About the Center

It contains three inter-related core groups covering different stages of wireless system development:

Research Grants
  • IPS: A Ubiquitous Indoor Positioning System – Moustafa Youssef (PI) Google Research Award, 2011.
  • A Location-aided Framework for High Performance Cognitive Radio Networks – Moustafa Youssef (PI) National Telecommunication Regulatory Authority (NTRA), 2011.
  • Google’s 2011 EMEA AndroidEDU program- Moustafa Youssef (PI), 2011.
  • Signature Facilities Initiative Equipment Grants, EJUST- Moustafa Youssef (PI), 2011.
  • Microsoft Research Project Hawaii- Moustafa Youssef (PI), 2011.
  • Parallel Networks Architecture (ParaNets)- Moustafa Youssef (Consultant) Carnegie Mellon University, Qatar, 2010.
  • Towards Practical Information Theoretically Secure Authentication and Data Integrity for RFID- Moustafa Youssef (PI) Intel Research, USA, 2010.
  • CellChek: A cost-effective cell phone-based patient monitoring and advising system – Moustafa Youssef (Co-PI) Microsoft Research Grant, 2010.
  • Locationoid: An Accurate Energy-Efficient Location Provider for the Android Platform – Moustafa Youssef (PI) Google Research Award, 2009.
  • Wireless Physical Layer Security- From Theory to Practice – Moustafa Youssef PI, US-Egypt Joint Research Grants.
  • Nuzzer: A Device-free Passive Localization System for Wireless Environments – Moustafa Youssef (PI) Science and Technology Development Fund (STDF), Young Investigator Award, 2008.
  • Energy Efficient Wireless Sensor Networks: A Cooperative Communications Perspective – Moustafa Youssef (Consultant) – Qatar National Research Fund (QNRF), 2008-2009.
  • Symbian Equipment Grant. Symbian Academy, UK, 2008.
  • Providing Physical Security Using Wi-Fi. Technology Development Corporation (TEDCO) grant in collaboration with the Dingman Center for Entrepreneurship, for $50,000, 2004.