StreetTel: Traffic Estimation using Mobile Phones

Road traffic congestion is one of the major problems facing both developed and developing countries alike with the number of vehicles on the roads exceeding one Billion vehicles and increasing. Road traffic congestion is the main reason for delay, time loss, fuel consumption, and frustration. Device Free Traffic Estimation is based on the device free positioning concept that do not require the presence of a physical device attached nor the tracked device to participate actively in the localization process.

The device free positioning system (DfP) works by monitoring and processing changes in the received signals strength at a number of monitoring points to detect changes in the environment corresponding to the existence of the person being tracked. The same technique can be used for monitoring and estimating traffic. Signal transmitters, monitoring points and back-end server are used to track vehicles and estimate their speed based on their effect on the received signal strength. Signal transmitters can be WiFi access points or GSM base stations. Monitoring points can be laptops or mobile phones.



  • Prof.¬†Mohamed ELTowiessy

List of Publications

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      3. WCPS-OSL: A Wireless Cyber-Physical System form Object Sensing and Localization
        Amal Lotfy AlHusseiny, Moustafa Youssef, and Mohamed ELTowiessy
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